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Listen to the CBC interview here.

Look for regular updates from staff and students about what's happening on the ground in Uganda. read blog
This documentary focuses on Implementation of the 6th class student project at Kamwoyka Treasure life Centre (Ghetto Project). see video
This documentary showcases KiBO and the student projects as of 2008; it also features the Chairman Emeritus Arthur Labatt and the students. see video
This documentary was submitted to a movie production competition by a KiBO youth / video producer for recognition of her works in giving back to the community through working with KiBO Foundation in Uganda. see video
Tim Martin is a Canadian youth who visited Uganda in 2008 and volunteered with KiBO Foundation; in his blog he shares his experience in Uganda, interacting with the youth at KiBO Foundation and his participation in activities initiated by the KiBO students like the first Golf Club Car wash.