KiBO model


Note: program statistics and status of students are fluid; statistics were deemed accurate at time of reporting.


Class 1

Enrollment: 10
Graduation: 8
Work / school (engagement) rate: 100%


Beneficiary Organization: Nsambya Babies Home

Description of Student Project: The major objective of the project was provision of basic needs and creating awareness of the needs of the residents (babies) of the community (Nsambya Babies Home)

Items handed over included: Laundry Soap, Toilet Paper, Books and Pencils, Tooth Paste, Biscuits, Drinks, Vaseline, Bathing Soap, Brooms, Detergents and Pants

Beneficiaries: Orphans, Abandoned children resident at the Babies Home

Point of Contact: Mr. Kasule- Social Welfare Officer

Amount Fundraised: 276,000 Uganda Shillings

Partners: KiBO Foundation

Key Sponsors: Friends and Family of the KiBO Students

No. of students involved: 10


KiBO Project: Clean up of Mbiko Town, Support of Local Clinic, provision of Health Care and Dental Outreach Services

No. of Participants: Over 100 youth coordinated by the KiBO Foundation

Supporters: Town Council of Mbiko, Uganda Dental Association, Wavah Water, Marie Stopes (Uganda)

Activities: Grading and environmental and sanitation clean-up of a 2 km stretch of Mbiko Town. Partnered with Uganda Dental Association to provide free basic dental check-up services to residents of Mbiko Town during the clean-up. Partnered with Marie Stopes (Uganda) in providing STI/STD health awareness services, partnered with local clinic to provide basic medical check-up services and free de-worming tablets for children.






Class 2

Enrollment: 17
Graduation: 14
Work / school (engagement) rate: 93%

Funds raised: Through local corporations and individuals – approximately USD $1,500


Beneficiary Organization: St. Padre Pio Ggaba (SPPG)

Description of Beneficiary Organization: SPPG is an HIV/AIDS support centre in Buziga. The centre serves the surrounding area by providing patients with HIV/AIDS Counseling Services and Anti-Retroviral Drugs (ARVs)

Description of Student Project: Project Objectives included: Increasing the household income of four pre-identified households in the Ggaba Community served by SPPG and to address the mobility challenge faced by SPPG volunteer counselors. Specifically, the KiBO students supported the work of the centre by:

(1) purchasing three bicycles to be used by the SPPG Counselors in transporting ARV’s to clients in the surrounding neighbourhood

(2) providing direct financial and or in-kind household support to four families accessing the services of St. Padre Pio Gaba Centre.

Beneficiaries of Student Project: 4 families living with HIV/AIDS and the St Padre Pio Gaba Centre

Point of Contact: Margaret Mugerwa

Amount of cash raised: 1,200,000 Uganda shillings

Partners: Sanyu FM, New Vision Company

Key Sponsors: AON Insurance Uganda, friends and family

Activities Involved:

No. of students involved: 14


Class 3

Enrollment: 20
Graduation: 20
Work / school (engagement) rate: 90%


Beneficiary Organization: Kisugu Church of Uganda Primary School

Description of Beneficiary Organization: Kisugu Church of Uganda Primary School is a government supported school in the Kampala suburb of Kisugu. The school caters for low income families in the neighborhood and has inadequate facilities.

Description of Student Project: The Third KiBO Class completed the requirements of the KiBO Course during the month of March 2008. The project was initially designed to be a classroom construction and maintenance project. However, it was later decided that a solution addressing the school’s security needs (gate and retainer wall) would have the greatest impact in the development of a conducive and competitive learning environment much needed in addressing the needs of the schools students.

Beneficiaries: (1000+) Students of Kisugu Church of Uganda Primary School

Point Contact: Mr. James Juuko – Head Teacher, Mr. Mafabi – Assistant Head Teacher

Amount Fundraised: 1,585,000 Uganda Shillings cash (pledges of over 2,500,000 Uganda Shillings were made, however not collected).

Partners: Uganda Golf Club, Hima Cement

Key Sponsors: Catch the Sun Restaurant, Embassy of Italy, Steel Works

Activities Involved: Charity Car wash (Golf Club)

No. of students involved: 20


Class 4

Enrollment: 17
Graduation: ?
Work / school (engagement) rate: 100%


Beneficiary Organization: Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (UCCF)

Description of Organization: UCCF was formed as a Non-Governmental Organization in 2006 to respond effectively to the needs of children with cancer and their families, through collaboration with Health Professionals, Government Bodies, individuals and other NGOs.

Description of Student Project: The KiBO 4th Class project was designed to provide audio-visual materials, basic foods – biscuits and Juice, soccer balls and mattresses. The objective of the project was to create awareness about Child Cancer in Uganda and to support the efforts of the UCCF in its mission.

Achievements of the 4th class student project: Materials were purchased by the KiBO 4th class to support the Child Cancer Foundation, in addition on the day of the implementation the 4th class KiBO students organized entertainment activities for the children living with cancer, and their caregivers. During the Course KiBO students volunteered at the Uganda Child Cancer Center as tailoring Instructors supporting the caregivers of the patients in providing them with income generating skills

Beneficiaries: Cancer patients and care-takers

Point of Contact: Letha/ Andrew Okot (Administrator)

Amount Fundraised: 1,240,000 Uganda Shillings

Partners: JESA Milk, Capital FM, Protea Hotel, Ddembe Fm, Entebbe Open Bible Church, Entebbe Pentecostal Revival Church, St. Stephens church Nsambya, New Castle Revival Ministries

Key Sponsor: Friends and Family, “Service-for-a-Cause”

Activities Involved: Charity car and boda-boda wash, varnishing pots, varnishing shelves, Documentation on Hematoma disease, training tailoring skills

Number of students involved: 17


Class 5

Beneficiary Organization: Deaf Link Uganda

Description of Beneficiary Organization: Deaf Link Uganda is a registered Non-profit Community Based Organization with Kampala City Council and was founded in October 2007 by Nassozi B. Kiyaga an educator of the Deaf. The organization was set up to urgently respond to the critical needs of Deaf people, who are among the most disadvantaged, disenfranchised and neglected minorities in Uganda. The organization operates an Adult Learning Centre for the Deaf youth and provides various educational programs.

Description of Student Project: The 5th class student project was designed to provide audio visual equipment and writing materials to aid the deaf students during their educational training programs. The following items were handed over during the project Implementation: a 21inch color television set, multi system DVD player, a Sewing machine, whiteboard and writing accessories(markers, dusters), stationary (books, pens and flip charts)

Beneficiaries: Deaf students

Point Contact: Ms Nassozi Kiyaga Barbra

Amount Fundraised: 948,200 Uganda shillings

Partners: Wind Chimes Kindergarten, Rainbow International School, Wonder-Jet Car Wash Kansanga

Key Sponsors: Friends and Family

Activities Involved: Office cleaning (Zundati International), charity Concert (Wind chimes), charity car wash, Donation boxes

No. of students involved: 13


Class 6

Beneficiary Organization: Treasure Life Youth Centre, Kamwokya

Description of Beneficiary Organization: Treasure Life Youth centre was founded 8 years ago by local youth to provide a sense of community and stability to youth in the Kamwokya slum affected and infected by HIV Aids.

Description of Student Project: The KiBO 6th class Project was designed to build on an existing Kitchen/restaurant and provide better nutrition options to users of the centre and the surrounding community while generating a source of income to support activities of the centre. The equipment bought to meet the needs of the Centre included: three industrial stoves, cooking and frying pans, flasks, trays, stove kettles, water tank, benches and tables

Beneficiary: Youth of Treasure Life Centre

Point Contact: Paul Matovu (0782080189) / Robert Mulerwa

Amount Fundraised: 1,297,000 Uganda shillings

Partners: AISEC KIU, Emin Pasha Hotel, Steak out Bar & Restaurant, UWEA, KSK Associates, New Castle High School, SW Global, Tecton Group, Rural Energy Consult, SAWI, PATH-Uganda, Uga Stove,

Key Sponsors: Landmark Properties, Friends and Family

Activities Involved: Charity Car Wash (Steak-Out), polishing shoes (Makerere University), cleaning UWEA offices, Cleaning steak out Bar and Restaurant

No. of students involved: 18


Class 7

Beneficiary Organization: People Concern Children’s Project, Kibuli

Description of Beneficiary Organization: People Concern Children’s Project is a Community Based Organization registered with Kampala City Council, located in Kibuli. The project was initiated in 2006; supporting 26 marginalized and under privileged children. The Founders of the project were three youth who grew up in the community of Kibuli. Currently, 86 children have been enrolled in the project.

Description of Student Project: The objective of the 7th class student project was to provide scholastic materials and create awareness of the children’s project in Kibuli and through example inspire the wider community to support the initiative.

Beneficiaries: Orphans, abused children

Point of Contact: Juma Moshin

Amount Fundraised: 2,660,600 Uganda shillings (cash and donations) / cash 1,895,000 Uganda shillings

Partners: Pro-line Academy, Landmark Properties, Habib Investments, M-lisada, SIFA Music Africa Key Sponsors: Kampala International Church, Friends and Family

Activities Involved: Charity car wash, Charity Soccer Match, Auctioning items, Catering Services

No. of students involved: 25


Class 8

Beneficiary Organization: Missionaries of the Poor, Good Shepherd Home Kisenyi

Description of Beneficiary Organization: Missionaries of the Poor is a catholic church funded organization ran by Brothers from all over the world. Its mission started in Jamaica in 1981 and their services are based on the teachings of Christ. Its focus is to support under privileged children, disabled, vulnerable and the elderly. They are located in the Kisenyi slum of Kampala city.

Description of student Project: The KiBO 8th class student project was focused on the provision of shelter through donating a tent, blankets, sewing machine, dustbins, and clothes for the children.

Beneficiary: Orphans, disabled children and the elderly

Point of Contact: Brother Prem and Immaculate Nakabojja

Amount Fundraised: 2,800,000 Uganda shillings

Partners: AMREF, Rainbow International School, Rotaract club of KIU, Chimes Kindergarten, Kampala International University

Key Sponsors: Landmark Properties, Diana Mukami, Elizabeth Ngororano, Bridget Lawson

Activities Involved: Charity car wash, Service for a Cause, Volunteers

No. of students involved: 39


Weekend Class

Beneficiary Organization: Locan Rebe’ women’s group, Nsambya

Description of Beneficiary Organization: Locan Rebe’ is a community based organization founded by widowed women who have been displaced by the war in Northern Uganda. The organization is Located in Nsambya opposite Sharing Youth centre. This women’s project is based on bead making and tailoring, as a channel of generating income to sustain the different activities of the project like taking care of the orphan’s through providing food, clothing and school fees

Description of Student Project: The KiBO student’s project focused on providing a sustainable income generating activity that will provide fees and shelter for the orphans. KiBO students donated 4 sewing machines, clothes and 30 blankets

Beneficiaries: Orphans and widows

Point of Contact: Betty Areymo

Amount Fundraised: 1,300,000 Uganda shillings

Partners: Obama’s Café Kabalagala, KiBO Foundation

Key Sponsors: Landmark properties, Family and Friends, Andrea Laveau family (HCT&T), Rtrn. Florence Mukiibi (Rotary club of Muyenga), Jennifer Mpysi

Activities Involved: Charity car wash and Office cleaning (service for a cause)

No. of students involved: 17



KiBO’s “Six Pillars” Approach to Education

A team of tutors – some of them KiBO graduates – deliver the
curriculum through KiBO’s unique “Six Pillars” approach.

Teacher directs a class through a given set of materials.


Students learn by interacting with each other, tutors, staff and community.


Individuals of distinction share their life and professional experiences and encourage students to seek mentors.


Students visit local workplaces for a wider perspective of the professional world.


Students apply their learning to conceptualize, initiate, fundraise and complete a community project.


Students volunteer extensively in the community.


“It was a privilege to visit KiBO in Kampala. I was so impressed by the talent, enthusiasm and confidence of the students and the quality of the resources available to them. The school’s unique Six Pillars curriculum helps these students become community leaders.”
Nora Wilson, University of Nairobi